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We develop, in our fully equipped laboratory, new materials according to incoming requests in our core chemistries: Polyurethanes, polyaddition Silicones, Acrylics and Epoxies.

Often consisting of two-component systems (usually liquid or pasty), our resins, once mixed and polymerized, can be used to manufacture materials that are either hard, flexible or very soft, expanded or not, translucent or not. We adjust the properties of our formulations at the closest of your process specification.

Our offer covers a wide range of properties. Nevertheless, if your project requires specific or unique properties: we can implement a tailor-made development for you.

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    The benefits of a tailor-made development

    A team at your service

    COP has a good understanding of the development of tailor-made products issues. Therefore, we have a R&D team at your service to accompany and advise you throughout your project. A unique and dedicated interlocutor, careful to your needs, provides you with his expertise from the elaboration of the specifications to the industrialization of your product.

    30 years of expertise

    For more than 30 years, our laboratory has been developing and formulating polymer materials (silicones, polyurethanes, acrylics and epoxies) for niche applications. With this know-how, our experts in polymer chemistry offer their technical knowledge to meet challenges, innovate and provide you with customized solutions.

    COP is a French, independent and people-sized company. Its small structure allows us to build with you a close and trustworthy relationship, as well as reactivity and flexibility that is advantageous at every level of development and production.

    Your tailor-made project

    Our technical support involves several phases. After discussing your problem together, your needs are identified and translated into specifications: viscosity and working time adapted to your production needs, hardness and mechanical properties needed for the final object, color, surface, finish etc.

    In a second step, and as far as possible, a relevant proposal of one or more products from our existing range of products is submitted to you for testing. Depending on the results obtained with these already existing solutions, an adaptation or a complete development of the formulation begins in our R&D laboratory. A prototype proposal is then submitted to you and a new iteration of exchanges and adjustments is set up based on your observations.

    Once the prototype brings you complete satisfaction, industrial quantities can be produced.

    We guarantee the security of supply of these new products thanks to a relevant selection of raw materials (sustainable and regulated materials in external sourcing and via our synthesis unit for silicones).

    We train you on the use and transformation of the developed material and our experts advise you throughout your industrialization and production process.

    Flexible financing

    For the provision of its R&D team and equipment, COP offers a daily fee in Full Time Equivalent, based on a detailed estimate. This fixed price is communicated for information purposes at the beginning of the project and adjusted according to the evolution of the development and in full transparency with the customer; regular milestones make it possible to decide on the progress made and to adjust the research orientations.