Who we are ?

COP, innovation at the heart of polymer chemistry

COP designs, synthesizes and formulates a range of materials for polymer transformation activities in several industries, such as Orthopedic equipment.

 A people focused company

French and independent since 1987, COP develops innovative tailor-made solutions. We are a small size company, focused on advice and service to customers. Our size and agility allow us to be very responsive to market demands.

ISO 9001 v.2015 certified, COP pursues its commitment with a double certification in progress: ISO 14001 v.2015 and OHSAS 18001 v.2007.

Our company’s mindset

Visionary and forerunner

Visionary and forerunner

Because we put humans’ wellbeing at the heart of our activities, improving the workplace environment of our collaborators and partners is our priority.

With its innovative approach as testified by its integrated laboratory, COP is committed to design and produce alternative bio-sourced polymer resins, which significantly decrease impact on the health of its employees and partners.

Innovation as a commitment

Innovation as a commitment

COP is involved in an intensive research and development approach and makes available its laboratory for project development. We have been issuing six scientific publications since 2012!

Toward tomorrow's chemistry

Toward tomorrow's chemistry

As a ChemSud founding member (European Professorship in new Chemistry for a sustainable development) and a member of the Axelera and Elastopôle competitive clusters, COP belongs to a network of experts working for innovation in the chemistry sector in France.

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ISO certification since 2006

Our team

COP’s team, made up of PhDs and chemical engineers, orthopedic professionals and qualified technicians, ensures the daily quality of the products developed and the strict compliance with safety procedures.

We value our customers’ satisfaction by paying close attention to their projects. Thanks to our responsiveness, we can provide flexible solutions all the while minimizing manufacturing delays.

25% of our workforce is part of the laboratory team, working to improve our offer and develop tomorrow’s leading products!

Our mission: to produce the resins you look for

We manufacture high-performance and innovative materials in our production site based in the Vercors mountains. COP has a lot of know-how and provides complete solutions covering everything from design to the material implementation in your workshops.

Whatever your market is, ortho-prosthetics, prototyping, design, crafts, sports… we adapt our offer to your specifications.


An integrated laboratory

The development of a new material is first driven by market demand, expressed by our customers and prospects (for any request: contact us). We are also constantly on the lookout for new resulting-from-research raw materials which can make up our silicone, epoxy, acrylic and polyurethane products. This gives us access to new formulation “bricks” and thus enables us to continuously improve the composition of our formulas in terms of performance and regulatory labelling.

Our product development areas are:

  • Reducing toxicity for processors
  • Improving the performance and “transformability” of materials
  • Orientation towards sustainable renewable resources

We keep abreast of regulatory developments in order to offer high-performance products that comply with regulations in the various fields we operate in. We keep all the Safety Data Sheets for our resins up to date and available to our customers.

A gel to simulate an organ or the skin, a biosourced foam, an extra-fluid elastomer: let us know about your projects and we guide you on a tailor-made development.


A flexible production tools

We operate industrial tools with different production and packaging capacities to meet a variety of needs. From a few kilograms for a specific prototype, up to tons of silicone for a new industrial market… we are flexible and can adapt our equipment to your project size.

All the raw materials which we are supplied with (monomers, polyols, platinum, etc.) are stored in accordance with current regulations in three separate zones: our central warehouse and two ATEX areas for flammable products.

We secure our production by keeping a high level of stock to make up for any shortage. This stock level is kept up to date in our ERP system and is controlled by a biannual general inventory. We practice a “double sourcing” policy for every strategic raw material.

We formulate and manufacture each of our four chemistries (Acrylic, Polyurethane, Epoxy and Silicone) in dedicated workshops.

Each batch produced is controlled in the laboratory and traced in our quality system. We keep liquid and solid samples of our gels, elastomers and foams for 12 to 18 months, depending on the chemistry.

The products you receive are packaged in containers adapted to the specific chemical nature of each formula. Acrylic resins in metal cans, amines in HDPE cans…

In addition to the downloadable technical data sheets, we indicate the main information necessary for proper handling on the product labels. Furthermore, a safety label indicates the main hazards and precautions for use.  We offer our customers personal protective equipment to handle our resins safely.


Our main asset: our silicone synthesis unit, dating from 2010, covers our needs in vinyl and hydrogen terminated polydimethylsiloxane oils for silicone formulation with hardness from Shore 00 to over 65 Shore A. We also manufacture our silicone compounds that enable us to control all the formula parameters (viscosity, mechanical strength, etc.).

These silicones are then used in various applications: skin contact comfort parts for gels, impression materials or mold making for technical elastomers, etc.

For more information, please consult our silicone technical file.


A sustainable product range

We have selected a limited material range listed in our catalogue or in our Products area. These standard products are available at COP for most of them within 5 working days and without any minimum order!

Initially intended for ortho-prosthetists needs for the design of external orthopaedic devices (silicone liners, acrylic/carbon composite for prosthesis sockets…), we have evolved the range to serve other markets such as composite, design or sports.

Ready-to-use bi-component resins, mainly thermosetting, our products are available in the following lines:

In addition to this standard offer, COP has available within its laboratory a portfolio of formulations allowing a quick response to specific requests or adjustments. And if this is not enough, we offer a tailor-made development service!


Dedicated to our customers

Our sales department listen to your requests through planed phone discussion or via our contact form. A technical-sales representative process your request as soon as possible.

85% of orders received in the morning are prepared and delivered to your workshops the next day on.

To ensure optimal use of our resins, in addition to the technical documents, we have set up a tailor-made transformation training offer. Laboratory demonstrations can also be organized during the dedicated development of materials.

We do not impose a minimum order for products available in the catalogue. We offer small packaging to test products before purchasing larger quantities.

Our integrated laboratory and our partnerships with public and private research centers make possible to characterize your materials. We define analytical protocols that meet existing standards and perform tests with cutting-edge equipment.


A network of partners to meet the international demand

In order to serve the external orthopaedic equipment market demand, COP relies on a network of international partners.

COP is the only chemist offering a whole range of resins required by CPOs (acrylic and epoxy lamination and bonding resins, silicone comfort parts, flexible visco-elastic foams or rigid milling foams) and to adapt its range of products to developments in the segment.

Our CSR department knows the specificities of deliveries in your country, we organize our shipments with the most reliable carriers.


All these cogs, set in motion by a united and motivated team of professionals, enables COP to offer you a complete range of high-performance products, stable quality and maximum service!

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