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  • SAFEPOXY Enduit
  • SAFEPOXY Enduit

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  • SAFEPOXY Enduit
  • SAFEPOXY Enduit

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SAFEPOXY® Gap Filler

Bisphenol-free smoothing gap filler epoxy resin read more


Safepoxy® is our bisphenol-free and partially bio-based epoxy resins range. It is aimed at composite processors who want to limit their exposure to hazardous substances and their carbon footprint while manufacturing high-performance composites (see Technical Data Sheets).

  • Transparent products
  • High wetting power
  • High mechanical tensile and flexural strengths
  • Sandable in 16 hours at room temperature
  • UV resistant

The different Safepoxy® systems reach a Tg close to 80 ° C after post-curing.


  • Gap filler coating for the recovery of damaged, irregular or porous surfaces or gluing, surface preparation before painting, glossy finish

Respect of the environment:

  • Resin bio based at 30%


  • Kit 1: 1 kg - 400 g
  • Kit 2: 2,5 kg - 1 kg
  • Kit 3: 5 kg - 2*1 kg

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