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COPSIL 3D 4025

High hardness RTV-2 skin contact silicone for additive manufacturing En savoir plus


The COPSIL 3D range is designed for the manufacture of flexible parts with complex design or small series production (prototyping). Printed silicone elastomers have mechanical characteristics at least equivalent to parts made by casting or injection.


The silicone elastomer COPSIL 3D 4025 consists of a two-component system (resin and hardener) which is mixed in equal parts and cross-links at room temperature by a polyaddition reaction with a platinum catalyst.

Its unique consistency and reactivity simplify the design of parts through 3D printing.

It has a hardness of 40 Shore A and a lifetime at the mixing head of 25 minutes at 20°C.

Product suitable for skin contact applications according to ISO 10993-5

Process: additive manufacturing with two-component printing head

Packaging :

  • 2*55 cc one-component syringes
  • other syringe size and bulk available upon request

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Mix viscosity at 20°C

Elongation at break

Gelling time at 20°C

Silicone type

Fiche technique

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