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Soft Touch Silicone Coating SILISKIN + Powder

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The three-component SILISKIN coating drastically reduces the coefficient of friction of silicone surfaces. It is extremely flexible and does not stiffen its support.It is applied in a thin layer and cures with cooking. Thanks to its surface finish and excellent adhesion to silicones (LSR, RTV and HTV), the formed film improves abrasion resistance of parts subjected to friction and sliding.
It reduces "blocking" effect in case of face-to-face display of silicone surfaces and reduces fouling and dusting.

SILISKIN finish provides a soft and slippery feel, not oily nor gummy.

Packaging :

  • 500 g+ 500 g + 150 g
  • 5 kg + 5 kg + 1.5 kg

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